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Ozcan is based at the University of Manchester. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR, formerly PREST); a Research Professor at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow; and the editor of Foresight: the journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy.
In MIoIR, Ozcan is engaged in various research and teaching activities. His research activity has been focused mostly upon long-term policy and strategy making with particular emphasis upon Foresight methodologies and their implementation in socio-economic and technological fields at the supra-national, national, regional and sectoral levels. With a PhD from the “Foresight and Prospective Studies Programme” of the University of Manchester, Ozcan has introduced novel concepts like “Systemic Foresight Methodology (SFM)”, which has been applied successfully to address long term issues involved in Sustainable Development, Renewable Energies, ICTs, and Development and Poverty.

Ozcan has been engaged in large scale multinational research and consultancy projects focussing on wide variety of areas including “Research and Innovation Foresight for Europe 2030 (RIF2030)”; “Scanning for Emerging Science and Technology Issues (SESTI)”; and “The Future Impact of Security and Defence Policies on the European Research Area (SANDERA)”. He has been recently awarded a research grant by the Rockefeller Foundation for a Horizon Scanning project to envisage futures for the developmental issues in Africa and Asia.

Ozcan has taken part in the design and implementation of executive education courses on foresight concepts and methods in Manchester and in collaboration with international organisations such as the UNIDO, European Commission and European Science Foundation. He has attended a number of conferences and have given keynote speeches on foresight. He has collaborated with a number of policy-makers, researchers and corporate managers, particularly from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa which has provided great opportunities to expand his networks across the globe.

Ozcan conducts Horizon Scanning activities through continuous monitoring of the Trends, Drivers of Change, Weak Signals, Wild Cards and Discontinuities with a global scale Big Picture Survey. The scanning work suggests an adequate number of critical uncertainties and polarities, which allow to capture unexpected disruptive events, which may result with a potential opportunities and risks.

As a Research Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Ozcan advises on national, sectoral and corporate Foresight programmes, and delivers lectures to Bachelor and Masters students on Foresight and Information Technologies at the Faculty of Business Informatics.

As the editor of the journal of Foresight, Ozcan has edited regular and special issues of the journal on a number of recent and emerging topics in the field. He is currently working on the special issues on “Horizon Scanning: Approaches and Methods”; “The Future Roles of Services in the Knowledge-Based Economies”. He has been making use of his long standing institutional networks to access good quality researchers and practitioners around the world to attract high quality publications, which have been cited widely thereby increasing the journal’s academic credibility and visibility.

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